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An explosion of phallic objects flying in every or one general direction, anything ranging from a crate of dildos erupting from dynamite or Stacy's Mom and her farting butthole, or a piñata stuffed with fire crackers and gummy penises.
That barfly took off into the public restroom with three clowns and had a phallic discharge of balloons flying out of the stalls.

I tried to take a shit but had a phallic discharge of dull macaroni noodles that didn't digest quite right.

I tripped and hit my step mom's dresser and a phallic discharge of rubber play things came out of the drawer.

The pallet came off the forklift and a phallic discharge of rubber dog bones scattered across the floor.

An angry chimp ran up the tree and a phallic discharge of bananas took off everywhere.
by Rhett1a June 4, 2019
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3<3 is a widget for a butt shooting out a cloud of fart. You can even make the fart emphasis more powerful by typing in more <'s like 3<<<<<<<<3 or 3<3<3<3<3<3<3 It can often be mistaken for a heart <3 widget though.
BR-r-r-r-r-rRRT!! 3<3 IN YO FACE.

Squeeze it, baby. 3<3

I totally farted HARD dude. 3<<<<<<3 RIPPED IT
by Rhett1a January 27, 2011
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