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Part of the 1-2-3-4 Study Technique, repeating the 3-4-3 which is to beat off, take a nap, beat off again and go to class.
Dude,I'm gunna 3-4-3 then go to class.
Alright, have a good time man.
by Griff Geehan April 29, 2008
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The delicious combination of two items from the 99c menu and a small Frosty available at Stoner's Heaven (aka Wendy's). The price of this common meal is $3.43 including taxes. Often consumed when the munchies are present.

One JBC and one Crispy Chicken Sandwich should be ordered in addition to the Frosty to secure a healthy meal with variety. The proper procedure is to enjoy the JBC first, then the Crispy Chicken and finally the Frosty. However, other techniques have been observed.
Pothead: "I just got the munchies. It's time for a 343 run."
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