The prettiest people are born on this day. People born on this day are natural athletes. You’re good at school and nice to your friends. You’re a very sweet person and have a great sense of humor. You deserve all the love it the world and have a very high esteem. You are determined for a good future and you are very outgoing when it comes to being around close friends.
The best people are born on September 25!
by I throw up peace signs November 4, 2019
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September 25 is an amazing time to be born. You still have some warmth from the blazing summer a month before but then have the crisp air of fall. All the colors of the trees’ leaves change and it’s just a beautiful sight and a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday. Everyonenwho has a botch day on this day is special and are good friends. You need to stick with the people who’s birthday is on that day because they are special and so amazing to be around.
“Hey, my birthday is coming up. September 25!”

“No way! You have a birthday on September 25? How lucky are you?”
by Maddie Taylor April 14, 2019
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September 25 is a day where you can hold hands with friends/best friends/girlfriend/boyfriend

So if you trying to hold hands w/ someone nows ur chance =)

Good luck girls

Good luck yall and don't get slapped boys =)
Hey it's September 25 it's the day where u get 2 hold hands
by September 25 September 24, 2019
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national watch hentai with the homies day. you get to watch hentai whenever and wherever with the homies on this day.
person #1: “you guys wanna watch hentai?”
the homies: “what?? why??”
person #1: “because it’s september 25th duhh”
the homies: “oh.. okay then
by kiribaku69420 November 11, 2019
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Be freaky with you're Mans all day
Boyfriend: Hey Babe its September 25th... and you know what that means......
by UrbanBlackGirl September 20, 2021
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Tell you crush you like him or her
September 25 day you tell them or write a note to tell them
by Katherine +damon September 25, 2021
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