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Iam white and I've been called this. Just saying
Dave Chappell frequently uses the word nigger in all his skits yet is immune to cancel culture. I think I will watch some Dave Chappell tonight as he is very tasteful with the word nigger.
by stainless67 March 15, 2022
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a very boozey concept, but all in all it's still pretty pimp at the same time.
I don't care for the city but when you have a nightluxe view from your house whether it be Dallas, Miami or Los Angeles it's still pretty fly.
by stainless67 March 30, 2022
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acronym for not in my back yard. You don't have to be a republican to be a supporter of NIMBYISM. Sometimes there is really good reasons for NIMBYISM or being a NIMBY.

If you don't want a nuclear power plant within 20 miles of your home because the chance there might be a meltdown. Then you are a just NIMBY.
Sorry I don't want marijuana dispensaries close to where I live. Not saying no marijuana dispensaries at all just not one close to where I live. Yep I'm a NIMBY!
by stainless67 March 15, 2022
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1.) Anytime you blame the survivor of a very futile and hopeless situation. Like that one King of the Hill episode where Hank has to Flood Arlen's new mall area to save the dam.

2.) A term used by the progressive left to "Victim Blame" members of Conservative America.
Michelle: Oh god it was awful, I had to use my Glock to kill a convicted rapist who tried to have his way with me! Danielle: well regardless the circumstance since you killed someone you're a real Kyle Rittenhouse.
by stainless67 February 23, 2022
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More so a businessman than a musician, In a way if you want to be a platinum record selling artist and inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame it's what you need to be. He was a groupie for Motorhead just prior to forming Metallica and in turn made the first successful independent label.
Lars Ulrich: Don't download my music from Napster! Early 2000's teenager: ok lars I'll take this Kill'em All copy, burn it to my hard drive then stomp the rest of the tracks on a blank CD.
by stainless67 April 4, 2022
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1.) very misunderstood group of individuals
2.) The true political party of America
3.) polar opposite is the Independent party
4.) Not heartless individuals we just have a "can do" attitude and we are not here to "save the world".
5.) instead of outright banning things, we realize vices are not going anywhere and we are just going regulate how they are used.
6.) not right or left and not the republican party.

In short, todays libertarian party desire is for an America that is not plagued by social issues. such as gun control, gender identity, rent control, income equality, substance abuse, government over reach such as pandemic response, and closing the national parks during a government shut down. Specific government agencies we would like to see dismantled are the ATF, DEA and FEMA. We believe that the states should have more local authority and should have more resources so the federal government will not unless absolutely necessary have to step in.

Many people feel libertarians want chaos when simply that is not the case. We wont completely dismantle the government and social programs we just don't want the needs of the very few to complicate society.
Democrat: I want people to be able to have abortions
Republican: I want abortions to illegal
Libertarian: how bout, it's none of our business who gets an abortion, and we should leave roe vs wade alone and be on our way. This is necessary ignorance!

Democrat: I want gay marriage legal
Republican: No god will hate us all
Libertarian: how about, we will give same-sex marriages equal rights we will just call it something else?
by stainless67 March 11, 2022
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I don't like this band....but they still make great music!
any girl who wears a motley crue shirt is down to fuck!
by stainless67 March 30, 2022
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