297 = 29 seven days a week.

it's also a special day because it's 297 days since we last played together.
297 days since we last talked in discord.

every single day i think about you.
i remember every word you said. you are the best girl i've ever met.
i love you more and more each day...it's endless ♾.
i'll keep counting till my very last breath or untill we get back together again. it's a promise.
297 💔, i'm still waiting for you my love.
297 💕.
by youbecamemyworld March 7, 2022
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1) Noun: label for a baseball player who has a horrbile pitching performance
2) Noun: pitcher who is incredibly ineffective and is regarded as the last resort on the team
3) Noun: A pitcher who has a ridiculously high ERA, (in this instance, 297.00, which is attainable by allowing 11 earned runs in ¨÷ of an inning)
4) Noun: A pitcher who has little or no command with his pitches and frequently implodes under pressure
1) "That Chris Carlucci," the coach announced, "is a Mr. 297 if I've ever seen one."
2) The scouts at the high school draft were especially cautious with prospects with past control problems so as not to have a Mr. 297 in their organization.
by John Bell October 11, 2005
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To be a a virgin.
Him: Are you still a B Clifton 297?

Her: Don’t be silly.
by Pro clubs.. anyone? April 20, 2019
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