1. (verb) To make sublime and/or fabulous; worthy of envy and aspiration.

2. (adjective) Something that is lit, dope or otherwise fucking amazing; connoting high value and luxury.
1. (verb)
A. Man, that place used to be a dump but but they totally 2k'd that shit and now it's sick!
B. I follow her Insta and chick's life is unreal - she's never not 2king it.

2. (adjective)
A. That party last night was 2k!
B. Question: Should I buy these kicks? Answer: Hell no! Definitely NOT 2k.
by elissnyc August 24, 2017
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abreviation of took; meaning to take.

used in texting, nd computer messages
he 2k my verginty. That, white, old, lady 2k my wallet.
by Willie James January 25, 2010
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2k is an annual game series licensed by the NBA and made by EA. Like of course NBA 2k19.
"You saw Stephen Curry in NBA 2k 19 right? His stats are insane." - NBA Enthusiast
via giphy
by AidanTES July 07, 2019
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only gay guys play 2k , and the same game every year... just like fortnite 😳
guy 1: what do you wanna play?
guy 2: let’s play 2k
guy 1: oh...that’s a sus... so no..
by kyraaaaaaaa June 12, 2020
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A game that constantly boots you off or kicks you out. 2k also has the worst servers of all time. Sometimes it seems 2k only lets the other team have an advantage
You wanna hop on 2k

Naw that shit seems ass
by DaRealNibbaNagger May 11, 2020
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