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The mideval symbol for steel, used to signify Steel Reserve high gravity lager, usually served in the 40 oz variety. This shit gets you drunk.
"i took a 211 to the face and blacked out son."

"yo, lets go schmob on some 211s."
by Craw-Dazzle May 16, 2005
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universal term dealing with anything semi illegal such as speeding, partying, getting trashed, blazed, crunk, and running the city.
"i was so schmobbed last night"
"yo were going f'in schmobbin tonight"
"lets schmob"
by Craw-Dazzle May 15, 2005
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to literally drop in on a woman when she is bent over during sex; a combination of doggystyle and the jackhammer; where the male goes up and down in a vertical motion
"oh yeah dude, im going to drop in on that for sure."
"She fucking loved it when i dropped in"
by Craw-Dazzle May 15, 2005
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