Croupier: '21 - we have a winner'
CardShark: 'Pay me out my one-and-a-half, biatch'
by Rock DJ June 23, 2005
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A number that used to be normal until a bunch of people stated saying it and it became so damn annoying
Person 1: 21
Person 2: Shut the hell up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by whoamI111222333 November 09, 2015
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Basketball games where everyone is scoring on their own part, and not for a team. The object of the game is to get exactly 21 points, not under, or over. The game can go by extremely slow or extremely fast depending on who you're playing against and what rules you're using.

The break is the opening shot that a person calls to take and is worth three points. He will shoot this shot from either the three point or free throw line with no one guarding him. The ball goes into play as soon as it is released from his fingetrips.

Some extra rules that people like to play with to make the game more fun include tipping, tip zones, street ball, and poison.

Tipping is when one player shoots the ball in an attempt to score. The shooter must have missed the shot and another, opposing, player catches the ball in mid-air while his feet are off the ground and makes the shot which the other player missed. When this has happened, the player who made the basket sends the person who originally shot the ball back down to 13, 0, or out of the game (depending on what that player has and what rules you're playing by).

Tip zones are basically the amount of points you have when you were tipped. If you had above 13 points when you were tipped, then you would be sent back down to 13. If you had 13 or less points when you were tipped, you would be sent down to zero. (Optional Rule) If you had zero when you got tipped, you would be eliminated from the game until it ended. The rule also goes into affect if you get tipped with one hand, but that too is an optional rule.

Street ball is simple, no fouls, no bitching, play your roughest, the strongest and best survive.

Poison is an optional rule that most people don't play with. This rule is that if a player has exactly 13 points after making a shot, they are automatically sent back down to zero and have to start over again.

The final process of 21, which I for got to mention earlier is, once a player has scored a basket while the ball is in play for anyone to score with, they go to the free throw or three point line and shoot baskets while no one is guarding him. These baskets are worth 1 point a piece. The person who first makes three in a row calls "Three", meaning that once he has scored three he will check up the ball and it will be in play again for anyone to score with, or he will call "All Day", meaning that he will shoot the free throw or three pointer until he misses and the ball goes into play as soon as it is released from his fingertips.
Person A: Hey, wanna play 21?
Person B: Sure, tips?
Person C, D, E, F, and so on: Of course
Person A: Alright, I break
by Anonymous October 10, 2004
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The REAL age of majority according to most people, though I don't think people act and look like adults until their mid-twenties. I'm 19 and I don't consider ANYONE at my college an "adult".
by Anonymous July 23, 2003
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The absurdly, unfairly high drinking age in this shithole "country" known as the USA. My God, if an adult who is 20 years and 9 months old drinks tonight, society will fall apart! There will be drunk driving accidents even though I don't even own a car!! My God. We must bar these "children" from alcohol for as long as possible!
I fucking hate college. Everyone with their stupid fake IDs gets to have fun and a good kid like me has to wait around like a schmuck for 3 more months. I know it doesn't sound like a lot, but being at a school with NO parties whatsoever, I'm about ready to shoot myself in the head. Never believe anyone who tells you college rocks. It doesn't. I have been to two colleges and I hated them both. Girls fucking hate me. I'm still a virgin and just want to cry. I'm so damn ugly and short on top of it. And painfully shy. College is all the same no matter where you go. Fuck. I just want to be 21 already, this is driving me nuts...
by I hate college November 09, 2004
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That dumb number nobody will forget about.
by ZeldaCraft14 November 22, 2015
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