The year 20 years from now.
Hey, 2040 is gonna be in 20 years! ‘K’
by jkwd55 October 31, 2020
Your chance to be Jack Bauer's right hand man. Fight the terrorists and save America by finishing a cold brew before the show ends. Only 40 ounces to freedom.
Dude, it's Monday, want to get down on some 2040? Shit yeah, America needs all the help she can get.
by Monsieur Matt February 26, 2006
During 24 (the greatest series ever), you drink a 40, and if you don't finish your 40 before the show is over, the terrorists win! Pretty easy game, but it's fun with a group.
Dude, it's _______ (insert day of week 24 is on television), are you ready for some 2040?
by Monsieur Matt February 21, 2006
The year that I Niggaman will run For President
Who are you voting for in year 2040?

Oh, I'm voting for Niggaman of course!
by JayKakuzu January 7, 2021
the holyfuckening on 21/07/2040 is soon.
it means that the event is soon and all of you insifgnicant humans shall perish
by June 10, 2022