An amazing, black superhero
He disappears at night, can steal better than Catwoman, can jump 20 feet vertically, and can run faster than Usain Bolt. His weakness is water, so he is the only adult capable of drowning in a kiddy pool.
After Niggaman stole the Crown Jewels, he lay down in the middle of the black street. The cops were never able to find him.
by Magic Cowy June 1, 2016
Robs bikes and your house he also leaves his children and doesn't pay child support he is a true niggaman
by BALD MARTIN October 3, 2019
To go behind your friends back and hook up with his romantic target. To snake a chick from your friend.
Oh yea, we used to be good friends till he niggamanded me an hooked up with Ali.
by Patrick Holman February 7, 2008