The year after 2017 as well as the year before 2019. Will probably be just as shitty as 2016 and 2017.
Dude #1 - "Aw man I can't wait for 2018 it's gonna be lit bruh!"

Dude #2 - "Who tf cares, its just another crappy year."
by PizzaTimePenisParker December 08, 2017
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next year. might be shit, might not. might be the year of war world 3, might not.

but will it have the same tech as 2017?
fuck hell yeah.
2018 is veeeeeeery cool
by tobu August 28, 2017
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A new year. Everything from Jake Paulers, to cringey musicallys will be banished for Good. Dumb trends like the invisible box challenge will skyrocket. And new trends will be born. More memes will be made. Some of the upcoming movies in 2018 will be β€œThe Emoji Movie 2: Civil War”, and β€œThe Incredibles 2”. Music artists such as Lil Pump will have more rap music being made. The upcoming phones, such as the iPhone 9 and the iPhone SE 2 will be released in September 2018. New game consoles will be made, such as the N64 Classic, and the PS5. There are rumors that high-tech hoverboards, not those stupid 2 wheelers from 2015, will be made. These are events that predict the year 2018.
2018 was even worse than 2017.
by McSupreme January 01, 2018
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the year of fornite, (oh god help us). and devilman no uta. so i mean it's up to you if the year was shite or not. personally the year was shite, all though the song of the year (devilman no uta) was a real banger!
gay 1: GOD damn thank jon 2018 is over, lets pray that 2019 doesn't suck as much my gay spaghetti!

gay 2: damn right son.
by The king of all Fagots January 08, 2019
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2018 the most horrible and worst year in fucking history+
2018...dont even
by fuck 2018 December 19, 2018
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The year where kids start eating tide pods, fidget spinners take over the world, parents buy their young children iPads and laptops instead of taking them to toys r us, music is all about sex and money, free speech no longer exists and there are more than two genders.
Kid: I hate my generation
Kid 2: But dude, you can now choose your own gender! How cool is that?!
by SaltySpoon178 August 16, 2018
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The event horizon of the Shacknews slide towards Total Faggotry. Usually referenced in the context of someone criticizing a picture of a woman with generous female features, but can also be used as an ominous reminder of the inevitability of Shack Faggotry.
1: "Yo those chicks' tits are way too big"
2: "2018 man, don't even say shit like that on the shack or you'll just hasten the date"
by nnnnn May 02, 2008
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