The year this is being typed. Also one of the worst years of my life, so lets hope 2019 goes better.
"Hows you 2018 been?"
by twolf0 June 18, 2018
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The current year as im typing this. Could be better, people always startin shit.
2018 sucks
by long bong silvers August 21, 2018
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The shittiest year ever. It was filled with negativity, sadness, exhaustion, and annoyance.

2018 is ugly. Fucking ugly.

Worst year ever.
"I hate 2018, as it is has been one of the worst years for me."
by gentle snowflakes November 15, 2018
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Probably the worst year yet. Most of the definitions here are from 2003 anyway.
Man 2018 sucks so far.
by Bidoof Is A Pokemon September 12, 2018
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Thought it was going to be better than 2017. It ony got worse, f*** my life.
Happy new years!!, its 2018 !!-
two days later- brk have you seen my noose?
by Autor โ™ค April 17, 2018
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We started off real strong, that's for sure. Kids were eating Tide Pods and Logan Paul was filming dead bodies. That was a fun start. Then that song by Drake came out and people started jumping out of moving vehicles for the sake of viral Internet videos, though really nothing went quite as viral as Bongo Cat did. Speaking of memes, Ugandan Knuckles was a thing. Patrick Star memes went a little viral. Yakko's World went totally insane and stayed relevant for quite a while. That was a good meme. Grape surgery, however, was... It was the bane of my existence. Like, yeah, sure, it's fun to say, but it got annoying. Anyways, I digress. Billion Surprise Toys was spreading like wildfire. Oh, did I make that joke too soon after the California wildfires? I kinda feel bad. So they birthed Johnny Johnny onto the nation, and I have to say, in my opinion, that was among the top memes of 2018. It had a good run. Funnier than Amazon Echo memes, that's for sure.

Fortnite blew up, too. You don't know pain until you've seen a 12 year old kid flossing to Despacito in a TikTok ad. TikTok was a gold mine for Tracer memes, too. I kind of liked the ok hand thing, even though it gets kind of forced after a while. It wasn't along the same lines for me as grape surgery, but it's starting to turn down the same road. And last but not least, Big Chungus. It hasn't really hit it's prime popularity yet, I think, but it'll probably be one of those rare gems that'll stay relevant until next year.
Wow, I've been ranting on about memes for so long. I haven't even gotten to tragic passings of this year. Anthony Bourdain, Aretha Franklin, Stefan Karl, Stephen Hawking, Stephen Hillenburg, Stan Lee, and even Ronnie "Oni" Edwards (I had to mention Ronnie considering I'm a loyal Theorist). I can't even make a joke here. Rest in peace. You'll all be missed.
So, I guess that's it, huh? 2018's had its ups, and its downs, and all of its insanity. Good memes, bad memes, strange challenges, wildfires, tragedies, innocent families arrested at the border, and a partial government shutdown to top of this strange, flaming 9-car pileup of a year with some extra horse crap. And now it's all over. Ah well. At least we have a whole other year ahead of us. Lets hope 2019 only sucks half as much.
via giphy
by _Andromeda December 30, 2018
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year of stupid

1. fortnight
2. jake and logan paul
3. tik tok
4. small dabbing and fortnight dancing kids
2060 kid : hey granny what was 2018 like?
me: sh child we don't speak of that year
by slytherin heir December 07, 2018
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