It's just the Japanese word for song.
Her beautiful uta made people feel wonderful.
by SilkyWolfess June 8, 2007
Uta che! (This parenthesis is not part of the example. It's just b/c UD must have 20 letters in the example)
by rocketman768 October 16, 2007
(pronounced like "Utah" only if you're too lazy to use the letters' names)
UTA - Undergrad Teaching Assistant
When the professor's ticked off, he sends in the UTA to teach the class.
by eternaln00b August 18, 2004
Acronym for "up the Arsenal"
Referring to Arsenal FC (North London) - the greatest football the world has ever seen
Bruv, UTA! I hope we smash the yids today.
by eskiboyt April 23, 2017
The best person to ever walk this Earth. No one has ever pronounced her name right on the first try.
by Yee Henderson August 16, 2020
Dude 1: How far did you get with my sister last night?

Dude 2: Fucked her UTA!
by monkeytumble May 8, 2011
The University of Tasmania (UTAS) is an international university working out of Tasmania. The University was founded by an Act of the Tasmanian Parliament on 1 January 1890.
As the fourth oldest university in Australia, UTAS are an original 'sandstone' university.
by Flyfish2 December 31, 2011