Big bulls*** of a theory where the world ends. Supposedly, the Mayan calendar ended on 12/12/2012, causing people to believe that the world is ending. This has spawned many conversations, YouTube videos, and forums, along with a war between the people who believe in it and those who don't.
This is stupid, get back to your lives. 2012 is far fetched.

(Oh, what happened to the Mayans anyway? They're DEAD! They didn't survive! Why follow the people who didn't even survive?! They probably weren't able to finish it, anyway...)
by kyle123400 June 26, 2009
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We are not going to die this year... all thes dumbasses that are taking Ritalin and thinking the world is ending that year should get their ass kicked... we are going to live way farther than 2012... a lot farther. This thing is a hoax!!!
OMG... It is 2012. Prepare to die!!!
Me: Shut up you fucking idiot... read the bible you dumbass
by Lil Duff 2008 July 20, 2008
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The alleged year of doomsday. December 21st, 2012. The year where idiots crowd the streets shouting out prophecies to the other idiots who believe it will happen. Doomsday was believed to be Y2k but it was then moved over to 2012 because of the Mayan calendar's date ending in 2012 sparks out desperate theories that we are all going to die. Planet X is a internet hoax, etc.

The problem with modern society is that people listen to idiots who barely have a chunk of knowledge in astronomy and physics clinging to thier stupid spiritual rhetorical philosophies.
Idiot Prophet: "People of the world! The year is going to be upon us when all will cease to exsist, blah blah blah blah!"

Idiot 1: "OMG! This guy is so right, the world is going to blow up!"

Idiot 2: "Wow this guy should lecture in a Astronomy class!"

Me: "Hey Idiots, the world has been getting along just fine for over 4 billion years, why would it end now? Because of some Mayan calendar that stopped counting after December 21st 2012? Go fuck yourself you idiots."
by Anti-bser-missile December 11, 2009
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December 12, 2012 is the day the world is "supposely" coming to an end...This just means that were stepping into a new era and advances will be made. Like people thought 1985 was doomsday but they were just coming into a new era. So just forget about a world-wide flood/earthquake or Earth getting blown up by Planet X because its not true.
Clueless Person in 1985: Oh my! Were all going to die!

Smart person from 2013: Nah man, your going to live!

by Expert Smartie February 14, 2009
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Some old bullshit lets look at the facts...
1.About the mayan calender? The mayans died out how the fuck would they be able to finish it, And look at this from USA today: Astronomers generally agree that “it would be impossible the Maya themselves would have known that” says Susan Milbrath, a Maya archaeoastronomer and a curator at the Florida Museum of Natural History. What’s more, she says, “we have no record or knowledge that they would think the world would come to an end at that point.”

2.Nostrodamus? People mix his words up to make him sound accurate, and take a look at this http://www.straightdope.com/columns/read/45/was-nostradamus-really-able-to-predict-the-future

3.Planet X polar shift? WTF this is stupid Nass says that it takes like 5,000 years for that to complete

4.The bible? No one pays attention to the many fake predictions of the bible like this one time in 2003 I was watching Unsolved Mysteries and it was talking about the bible and how it said in 2005/2006 there would be a war on U.S.A land

All info except the bible one from this site: http://www.dailycommonsense.com/2012-explained-why-it-shouldnt-be-feared/
Idiots: Oh noez teh wurld is gun end in 2012
Me: Shut the fuck up you fucking retards do some research
by Sporelover8 September 20, 2008
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The supposed "End of the World! OH NOES!!!!!" It is often said that the Mayans predicted the end, but this is in fact, absolute bullshit. The calender said to predict the end was actually just a calender that was used to predict sunrise each day. Secondly, whenever this calender ended, the world never ended, the Mayans just held a celebration and started a new one. And all other theories are also, You Guessed it!, bullshit. All of them weren't released until well after the theory of the world ending in 2012 was first conceived. What will happen in 2012, who knows? But it seems extremely likely that the world will not end.
Cornelius: "Did you hear the world is going to end in 2012?"

Me: *slaps across face*
by RampagingAcorn October 23, 2009
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all the retards think that we are all going to die and the world is going to end. Mayans sure were pretty damn smart but a stupid calender would end soon so why does everyone think this. the suiciders the ones who are so crazy but don't want to kill themselves think this. do you even know who made this up it was a scientist or even someone who hasnt past college and a total pot head and retard. I know that we don't know everything but even scientist say that it will never happen. which is based on facts not opinions.
fucking retards: duuuh i love 2012

by redrum4uhalo October 08, 2009
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