What is wrong with you? Why you you spent the time to write this? Is your school work to write an entire 10 page essay about your 1 inch dick? (plz don't get mad)
Person #1: Billy has never been the same since he got that weird ass teacher
Person #2: Wdym?
Billy: `\'/=;.1qaz-pl,2wsx0okm3edc9ijn4rfv8uhb5tgb7ygv6yjm
Person #2 Damn, that's sad...
by idk man red kinda sus October 6, 2020
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Writing all letters and numbers from top to bottom from away from the middle to the closest to the middle. This is repeated by switching from left to right until all letters and numbers are pressed only once.
dude! I typed 1qaz-pl,2wsx0okm3edc9ijn4rfv8uhb5tg7y6 into my keyboard and got a wacky cool definition of it!
by a smort man ;O February 22, 2022
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All of the boredom un the entire omniverse decided to be cast upon you
You: "Hey, I'm so bored, I've already typed every combination that's not random I can think of, but I'm still bored. What should I do now?"
Also, You, seeing that you have no friends if you're typing this: "There are more keys that make things appear in the search be, let's use them!"
Your result: 1qaz\'/2wsx=.,3edc-pl,4rfv0okm5tgb9ijn6yhu7
by Sicarius771 October 21, 2020
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You definitely thought there was no way this cant be on this website
no way that 1qaz!QAz2wsx@WSx3edc#EDC4rfv$RFV5tgb%TGB6yhn^YHN7ujm&UJM8ik*IK9ol(OL0p)P is a combination
by yourvillain March 9, 2022
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guy: Hey bro what did u type?
me: 1qaz!QAZ2wsx@WSX3edc#EDC4rfv$RFV5tgb%TGB6yhn^YHN7ujm&UJM8ik,*IK<9ol.(OL>0p;/)P:?-'_{"=\+}|


guy: cool
by imsoboredAHHHHHHHHHHHH December 1, 2021
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