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Ella’s birthday. No one ever celebrates or gives her presents. Ella is a loner. Ella is stupid.
Person 1: ew look, it’s 19th November, Ella’s birthday.

Person 2: ew.
by written anonymously. November 01, 2020
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An abnormally overused word that assholes love to call people (usually males) for being nice to others (usually a female). The actually definition of simp is someone who obsesses over someone not worth it. USE. THIS. WORD. RIGHT!
Person one: did you hear jake bought her a car?! She’s rejected him 5 times already!

Person two: he’s such a simp.
by written anonymously. October 30, 2020
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If you were to ever meet a Toby, you are the luckiest girl to ever live. Tobys are always funny, chill and honestly the best friend you’ll ever have. A Toby will love you no matter what, and never give up on you even if everyone else does. Toby is also insanely smart, but doesn’t like to show off at all. Toby is caring and kind no matter what.
Person 1: I’ve been talking to this guy recently...
Person 2: what’s his name?
Person 1: Toby.

Person 2: he’s a keeper.
by written anonymously. October 30, 2020
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