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-The ultimate sex year symbol.
-The 19 portion represents basic sex. 1 represents a male or felmale lying down and the 9 represents the male or female lying on top of 1.
-The 69 represents your common 69 definition.
You say you just did a 1969 when you first have basic sex then you do 69, 1969 is a shorter way of saying that.
John- I had a 1969 with Amy last night
Harry- ..What?
John- First we had basic sex then we did 69.
Harry- Ohh... Hey that sounds like fun, I'm gonna go do that with Miranda right now!
John- Whoa...way too much info bro.

Jess- Let's do a 1969 Mark!
Mark- A what?
Jess- How do you not know what that means?
Dean- It means you have regular sex first then 69 DUH!
Jess- Dean you're so smart! Let's do a 1969 together.
Mark- I thought we were gonna do that!
Jess-...I'm over you Mark!
by donttellmewhattodo9 July 26, 2011

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