Code for (1)murder, (8)death, (7)kill...
...."It's about coming up and staying on top....and screaming 1 8 7 on a mother fucking cop".....-Sublime
by johnjohnbong July 05, 2007
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CALIFORNIA penal code for Murder, so that means that 187 is not the murder penal code on the East Coast!!!
Snitches get 187
by Brad July 29, 2003
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1)murder, a killin, police code for both.
2)a remix of Deep Cover, by Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre
Yeeahh and ya dont stop, its still 187 on a mothafuckin cop
Yeeahh and ya dont stop cuz its 187 on a mothafuckin cop.....
by yeah dude July 14, 2005
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a 187 (usually pronouced one eighty seven, not one hundred and eighty seven) is the code for homicide. It's usually used by ganster rappers such as snoop dogg and dr. dre (back in the day)
Soop: "cause its a 187 on an undercover cop..."
by Josh L. January 19, 2006
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numberic code for the crime of murder, used by california law enforcement officals. "187" is used because murder is talked about in section 187 of the california penal code. also was popular in rap/hip-hop songs of the early 1990's.
"...try to set me up for a two-eleven, fuck around and get caught up in a 187..." Dr. dre
by travis.c October 02, 2006
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