the day of flowers and blue skies, a day of pure loveliness, its an idyllic feeling you get on july 16th, where you can hear the angels sing.
lovely day we’re having.”

“it’s july 16 today, no wonder..”
by soft babie🍓☁️🌱✨ October 17, 2019
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only the baddiest bitches are born on september 16
If you are born on september 16, you are one of the most baddiest bitch out there
by Ticci Toby having OCD October 15, 2019
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National rage day, Rage at anything at anytime with no consequences ( no illegal stuff tho)
Oh look is December 16th we can rage today :D
by LaQuitch October 18, 2019
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if you were born on this day i officially declare u a winner at life. people born on this day are mature, funny and intelligent people. these people do not care if you are criticizing them and will power through it. so back off.
when’s your birthday

december 16th why
oh you wanna be best friends
yeah sure
by felicia back off October 23, 2019
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January 16th is national compliment someone day

on this day tell someone how special they are ☺️💓
person 1: hey you look beautiful today!
person 2: thanks but why are you complimenting me out of nowhere??
person 1: because it’s January 16th!
person 2: i see
by yeetthatfeetus November 11, 2019
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