Give someone a hug day!!! We all need a hug every once in a while
:)January 16 is a day just to give anyone a hug
by Hdheieheghe January 16, 2020
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National give your kids whatever they want day.
Mom, dad, it’s nation give ur kids whatever they want day, give me what I want! It’s September 16!
by yourcoolkidday November 1, 2019
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People born on this day are the most caring people, which makes them the best to talk to, they’re normally the therapist friend. Since they spend so much time worrying about what to do to make their friends happy, they're normally the saddest when they are by themselves.
“he broke up with me ! what do i do! you should know how to help your birthday is September 16 !”
by lucyismycat October 25, 2019
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The best fucking day ever. The day root beer was invented, the day Spaghetti-Os were introduced, and the day the Doctors saw Dream Theater and history was made.
May 16, 2008
by Steve Chabot September 17, 2008
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the day of the saints. People born on this day possess godly qualities, and care the most about other pesants.
have you seen that hot girl? and she's born on august 16! she must be godly!!
by thesouponaplatehater February 28, 2017
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National Kiss my Cheek day 😙 You allowed to kiss anyone you want on the cheek (any cheek 😳😏)
I’m gonna kiss Sara on the cheek today- why? Bc it’s September 16 th
by NiggaPeñisGuacamole October 17, 2019
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The day that is next to a worthless holiday. People who are born on this day are usually gorgeous.
Wow, she must have been born on March 16th because shes gorgeous.
by Yourrrrrrwelcommeee October 15, 2019
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