It’s the birthday of an amazing person and if you ever meet someone who is born in this month THEN U SHOULD STICK WITH THEM FOREVER AND CHERISH THEM.
Random stranger: hi, when’s your birthday?
16ther: oh uhh, February 16
by Storm in a Fire October 16, 2019
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All the baddest bitches were born on this day it's the most common b'day in the North hemisphere so Sep 16 babies dominate and on periodt
I wish I was born on September 16
by Stickjit October 15, 2019
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Wear your favourite hoodie day.Get comfy with someone you love or some shit and chillax.
Yo wagwan today’s Hoodie day innit! What hoodie you gonna wear on July 16?
by Therearenootherpseudonymsleft October 19, 2019
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Nation bad bitch day .bad bitches were born this day & are the best bitches alive, they love there family & they are very loyal, get you a girl like they,they the realest bitches youll ever meet .
"That's wassup. She's a Bad Bitch".

“Ooooo its july 16 national bad bitch day
by DaColdestBitch♋️ October 28, 2019
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Your birthday happy birthday :)

Also if you were born on this day you atleast faced mild depression
July 16 note: get the cake
by irrelevant• October 17, 2019
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The best human on the earth was born. She or he is pretty and amazing. She or he is the smartest and most beautiful girl or boy you will ever meet. Keep him or her forever
Omg it’s May 16th!
Wait no way... the most perfect human on earth was born today
by softballgurllll October 20, 2019
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