Rule 151 - If you try to validate Brendon Urie (The sexual assault he put kids through) anyone can legally spit on you.
Random Person - The cases haven't been confirmed!
Random Person 2 - "Rule 151..."
by Kurapikas_Property December 31, 2020
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A light honey colored rum produced by bicardi that is 75.5 percent alcohol, or 151 proof. In the clearest cut way possible, this shit will fuck you up. When the warning label is the same font as the title on the bottle, you know your night will be either amazing, or short. I have found that when mixed with Malibu coconut it is an awesome drink that can be sipped all night and not completely fuck you to the point of "Dude, Where is my car" or "the hangover" status.
To start off, have it at 3 parts malibu, 1 part bicardi 151. As the night goes on you can drop back to a 1:1 ratio like I did. The guys that drink one or two shots of this shit straight to seem like badasses and then go back to beer right after are just jackasses. I did 6 shots straight after sipping on my drink all night. It is quite possible to drink half a handle of this by yourself if you are good.
by Tuatha De Danaan August 12, 2009
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A high-class mixed drink consisting of warm milk, honey, and a variable amount of Bacardi 151
Joe: Did you just spike my warm milk and honey? It's not bad
Sam: That's 151, bitch
Joe: More like money 151, amirite?
by Morrill Meaney December 13, 2009
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At 1:51 Am you can do what ever you want for one minuet
Taking some ones bed out of there cabin at aids 151 in the morning

Hey man did you here he serioursly got fucked by aids
by Antipipeline October 16, 2007
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This is a compilation of definitions from various sources;

1 - local gang in east orange and Newark, New Jersey known for consuming excessive amounts of Bacardi 151 aka "Feva", and Promythezine codiene syrup aka "Lean".

2 - underground rap group and/or gang from Northern New Jersey.

3 - 151 Feva Gang is an independent rap group/label hailing from Essex County, New Jersey famed for the songs "Shakin My Dreadz" and "Dueces n Traes". Specializing in a unique brand of "superthrowed" underground hip hop, this group made a name for themselves on the jersey underground circuit as well as the southern and midwest mixtape circuits. Similar groups from NJ include Outsidaz, Redman, Joe Buddens, A Team, Naughty by Nature, Serious Jones.

4 - Jersey rap group with a southern vibe. Members uaually wear dredz and gold teeth to mark their affiliation. Their roots originate from the "Down The Hill" neighborhood of East Orange, New Jersey and currently engulf most surrounding areas of East Orange, Newark, and Irvington.

5 - 151 Feva Gang, die hard fans of DJ Screw, are largely credited with the migration of Chopped and Screwed music to the New Jersey. Thier sound was loosely nicknamed "Screw" Jersey as a play on "Screwston"(Houston), Texas where screwed music originated.
by SlabRidah June 06, 2007
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poison that is now discontinued
that 151 shit is poooisaan
by kebab March 08, 2019
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