get a pint of 151 and some hot chick and you will get laid. Guaranteed.
by Clark December 25, 2004
151 is the drink of kings.
Yo nigga, are we 151'ing it tonight?
by The Analyzer March 25, 2003
the strongest legal alcohol that will get oneself the most messed up oneself has ever gotten
by abibas March 21, 2003
jeremy has not been 151'd because he is too scared that he will die
by jeremiahh88 March 25, 2003
best drink ever... but not as much of the shit as absinthe. made by bacardi, 151 proof or 75.5% alcohol, 151 is a bit overrated. yes it is strong as balls and can get some people fucked up pretty bad, but some people can handle it. be care when drinkin it and were u drink it at. 151 is highly flammable and WILL set just about anything on fire.
"wheres mike at. i havent seen him for a while?"

"up stairs. he took a few shots of 151 and passed out. so we threw him in the shower"

"wat a bitch"
by the unknown drinker September 16, 2007
Stands for 151 Bacardi, which is the amount of proof in it.
"What you downin?" "Awww Niggah I'm Downin some 151!"
by Randy March 27, 2004
nishant and his boys like to get bent to 151
by HOLLA March 25, 2003