2 definitions by Tristessa_27

(Snē•kē - pôrn)

1. VERB: The act of surreptitiously placing pornographic images in hidden, unexpected places, whereby a person would unlikely, yet eventually stumble upon it.

See: Sneaky Poo

2. NOUN: Pornographic images that are found after being purposely hidden in unexpected places as a practical joke.
1. "We're gonna Sneaky Porn that house!"

2. "I just found Sneaky Porn in my fireplace!"
by Tristessa_27 October 5, 2014
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If it exists, it has a twitter account; This includes inanimate objects, pets, and general life forms that have no business communicating, let alone microblogging.
Fuck ya, my dog has a twitter account! Rule 140 man, Rule 140.
by Tristessa_27 November 30, 2009
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