Commonly missunderstood for hacker speak, 1337 is actually a delicate cult that has very few followers who are "1337", or worthy enough to join. There are levels of 1337, and the primarily focus on ones knowledge of 1337 and, depending on the specific cults versions, higher levels are acheived. Only minute computer skills are required to be in 1337, and they more so focus on DoD than CS. (DoD=Day of Defeat and CS Counter-Strike). The followers of 1337 do use common "1337 5|>34|<" or, leet speak for those of you who can't follow, in online gaming, however, again it is more measured on the awsomeness of a particular event or phrase. Ignore other definition of 1337, those are all inspired by computer nerds who whack off to Beavis and Butthead do America (the car scene if you nubs havn't seen the movie yet).
<Me> Hey, whats up?
<Mordecai> Nothing much, whats up?
<Me> I just asked you that, you nub.
<Mordecai> Oh, well... so...
<Me> Shut up, you smell like a cows asstract.
<Preet> Holy crap, that was 1337!

--see asstract for more information--
by DevilWithoutToes November 09, 2005
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A way of typing similar to AOL speak, except this is used by 11 to 16 year old nerds/gamers/losers/otakus/super-losers to make themselves feel cooler because they have jokes and a "code" that the majority of people will struggle to understand. Thus making the nerds feel superior, when infact they still have greasy hair, few practical skills, glasses, and they are still generally disliked. These "1337" nerds will also be more likely to recite internet jokes aloud.
Boy1 - I am 1337, you are a girl, you must bow down to my superior gaming skills.

Girl - What? You're annoying.

Boy1 - My phallus shall own you. My phallus is made of win and god.

Girl - Eew, get away perv.

Boy2 - What the shit?

Boy1 - You guys are newbs.

Boy2 - Fucking loser.

Boy1 - { exeunt all but Boy1 } He is less intelligent than I. I am going to talk about this event on my blog, my reader will agree. I am soo cool to have a female reader.

by stghm May 29, 2006
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a type of language that little kids decided to steal from +3- |234|_ 13373|25 sometime ago and use to try to be "cool" so they don't show how much of a real loser they are.
12 year old : 0/\/\6 I |0\/\//\/ J00!
me : 5+|=|_| j4c|<455!
by Zack H. February 07, 2004
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A word meant to mean leet (elite) written in numbers, each number corresponding to a letter. Used by kids who just found the internet and think it's zeroday shit that hackers do. You're about 9 years late kids and it was never considered cool. Also used by little gaywads for passwords to things they consider important.
Gaywad: m4ng 3y3 537 my p455w0rd 70 3r337h4x0r n0b0dy wi11 b3 4bl3 70 h4x0r my c0d3z.
by skinflute May 06, 2003
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1337 stands for the word "Elite". 1337 converted into letters is leet, which is the pronounciation of the "lite" part of the word.

The reason why leet is substituted for numbers is because that's how hackers used to type in order to avoid suspicion and detection.
That's what 1337 means you fucking morons.
by pres November 10, 2004
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1337 is highly over used in todays internet gaming community. but it used to be use by elite hackers to esape control from the man. now it is use but stupid kids who sit in there basement and have no out side life, which is good because if they used it in sn outside life they would be locked in a basement for the rest of there life.
1# ยฅ0/_/ ยฉ4/\/ ยฎ34l) 7}{15 ยฅ0/_/ /\/33l) 70 637 141l). you stupid dumass 1337 poser.
by [}{l215 l21[}{4l2l) September 28, 2005
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leet of 1337 was once used by eleet hackers so that they could not be understood by someone who wasn't a hacker it was later picked up by silly childish people who play counterstrike (due to the fact that they wana play mmorpgs like all of there friends so they pick up the first one they hear about which is the hacked to shit counterstike) to sound hardcore or like a hacker when realy they just look silly
1337h4x0rz13254 says: h4rh4r j00 !5 p4wN'D
realgamer:shut the fuck up loser
by sionlinn September 04, 2005
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