A totally awesome group of people who form a guild on Fiesta's Apoline server.

Oh no, did we just get our butts kicked by The Famous AGAIN!?
by Mr. Gompers September 16, 2008
Someone who is probably full of themselves
Hey have you heard about this new famous person.
by Famousbackup March 3, 2021
When significantly more people than you know know you, then you are famous.
I never thought that the streaking incident at the football game would make me famous, but everybody remembers my face
by Richard H January 30, 2008
"Dude! I looked that guy up on Wikipedia; he really is famous!"
by Ravenwolf October 14, 2008
A sarcastic way of implying something you will not do.
Person 1:Are you going to study for the maths exam?
Person 2:famousssssss...
by sawesawda October 9, 2017
The person that is the highest on every Call of Duty LeaderBoard and has achieved number 1 on all Call of Duty games.
Famous is on top on every call of duty leaderboard.
by Shemeek October 13, 2010
Crazy sexy cool
mobbed by the public everywhere seen
women want him and men wanna be him
by lil one December 31, 2004