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Not just a number, but the strings of the universe that keep our reality stable. This can be used as the number following 11 and before 13 but…

There is something more to the number, it appears more the more you know about it. It’s not some silly lucky number but an entity which surpasses human understanding of life and death and all things. The ‘number’ can be used in a multitude of different ways when using it’s true meaning. It is impossible to just say this is how you use the ‘number’ because as I said it’s not one that was meant for the human tongue so we can only adapt it to certain situations

If the ‘number’ is overused it’s meaning means less to you and spreads to other life forms and latches onto them and speaks whispers of unknown origins that flow across brainwaves and into the deep space.

There is no definitive origin but plenty of stories which I have no time to explain here about where it has been and seen and created through its raw power.

12 can be used in so many unbelievable ways the examples are merely a demonstration of the all knowing beings that lurk on this plane of existence and all others. 12 is more than all knowing, all loving and all powerful it is all as it is and shall forever be. It is not a number mere mortal but us and more as we know it.
Senriklah: “Yo Tom, you Salamander licking mongloid, when’s the next sesh”
Tom: “nah like, 12th shoe when we sit in the light ray of the moon”
Senriklah: “…calm”

Miss Chrondog: “right okay, what’s 54-12-40+30”
Tom: “oi Miss, I know hehehehehe, like 12 innit heheheheh”
Miss Chrondog: “No Tom”
-meanwhile in the seventh realm-
????: “The one lighter than nothing has shifted in his ancient slumber of deep colour, maybe it’s true, maybe the end of us is nigh, the 12 is nigh, the shadow of life has grown larger than life itself and now we shall relish in the shroud, akkuyme se chronic sumblah”
*???? vanishes…but not to a place that we do not know of, a place where all have been, but all shall die, yet prosper and relish in the life in death*
by The Void, the all, the 11… February 27, 2019

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