A twelve sided die, usually yellow and the most infrequently used of the D&D dice set.
Pass me the D 12, my barbarian just got a level up.
by Gareth Klieber January 20, 2006
A 12-sided die, used to calculate herds of buffalo and a barbarian's damage in Dungeons and Dragons.
"And I roll 1 D 12 for my herd of buffalo. Pwn'd."
by LaFon February 2, 2006
Many people define this D 12, it's a rap group that has Proof, Swift (Used to be bugz), Kuniva, Kon artis, Bizzare and Eminem.
Man, proof raps so much better than Eminem, and still, he gets the credit!!!
by Marbarian December 26, 2005
Is code word for when you have to take a crap so big that you almost knock the toilet off of it's moorings.
I gotta go D 12, get me another beer.
by P.J. Sodaski January 9, 2006
possibly the gayest rap band know on the face of earth or any other inhabitated planet in the universe
D 12's frontman,eminem, really wishes he was black.
by phillip sims May 20, 2006