a scale rating a woman's hotness, generally based on ass, tits, and face.

usually used when your with a friend(s) and looking at women in a public place.
Friend: Yo, how about her? 1-10?
Other Friend: Kinda ugly, I say 7-10
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by itismeboi September 05, 2016
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110% certain
Q:Are you coming to the party?
by carobonara July 08, 2009
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A shortened way of saying a 3some with 2 guys (1,1)and 1 girl (0)...
John: "hey what u guys up 2 today?"
Jake, Rob and Lisa: "110"
by jacksplat July 14, 2009
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The new Diablo Patch. We have been waiting for yearss.
1.10 came out, finally blizzard got off their fat asses and did something.
by Anonymous November 04, 2003
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A 1-10 also read 110, one-ten, is the numerical discreption for something that is 110% sketch. It is often used to decribe females that are not up to your friends standerds but are willing and able. A 110 often falls on your lap after a night of inebriation. Sometimes also reffered to as tenners.
Friend 1: Yoo, whats good?
Friend 2: Not to much chillin...
Friend 1: Heard you hooked up with a chick last night?
Friend 2: Yeah it was straight
Friend 1: Did you kiss her?
Friend 2: Hell nah she was a 1-10.
by Glow May 14, 2006
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1:can't even look at you
2: don't wanna look at you
3: might look away a lot

4:can stand to talk face to face
7: okay but being nice
8: cute
9: hot
10: hot and they like you
Girl: what would you rate me 1-10
Guy: 8 to 9
Girl: thanks
by Frostygirly January 15, 2019
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