A sad face is an expression used in electronic communication such as texting and emails to convey an emotion without using an emoticon. Nevertheless, caution should be used when interpreting this term due to wide range of emotions that may be attached to it. It could mean "sad face" as in "I pouted for half a second" or it could mean "sad face" as in "I'm broken hearted beyond belief." "Sad face" is tied with "I am" for the shortest complete sentence in the English language.
He thought she was joking when she texted him "Sad face" but then she threw herself off of a cliff and he always blamed himself for her suicide.
by Nightofultimatefrisbee August 12, 2009
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An adjective used to express sadness, annoyance, dissapiontment or mild anger. Sadface as well as Angryface, Happyface etc. can be/is used to replace an emoticon
*sadface replaces >:(*
Any emotion followed by -face can be used to decribe how you're feeling.

*I accidentally killed my pet fish. sadface.

*What!? I got an F on my english test! sadface!

*Sooo, my girlfriend is definitely fucking my bestfriend. sadface.

by Faybaybay November 16, 2008
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the word used to illustrate unhappiness in MSN convos when no one can be bothered using the emoticon. Also can be said in real life to exaggerate or bring extra attention to a person's unhappiness. If used in real life, use is generally always sarcastic.
Totallypwnagefriend: Hey wat was with ur sadface today?

Real Life
Well in maths today I pretty much got told to fuck off by the teacher and I was like 'awww, sadface. I don't care'
by xoSsssJsquared June 21, 2009
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Sad Face; plural, Sad Faces

- Adjective

A female, typically but not always a member of the Jewish faith, raised or residing in the mid-Atlantic region of the United States. Predominant characteristics include brown hair, moderate height, a body mass index of 20 and a particular set of common facial characteristics. Although the majority of sad faces hail from affluent suburbs, they are also found in major cities such as New York and Philadelphia. Universities such as Emory, George Washington and the University of Pennsylvania frequently serve as finishing schools for sad faces, instilling in them the tribal culture and value system necessary for adherence to social norms, as well as a selection process for potential mates (see also: meat stick). While not an ironclad requirement, a discreet level of sexual promiscuity is a common trait.

1) I love the summertime! Hey Leroy, have you seen all the sad faces parading around Murray Hill?

2) Yo have you met Horace'€™s buddy Lance? He'€™s hysterical; he goes on JDate and hammers a different sad face every night of the week

3) Dude I'€™m so mangled! I was creeping last week and I think some sad face dimed me out to my girl

4) Happy: Look at her! Pappy: I'm not really into that whole sad face thing
by jaavug August 22, 2008
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A sudden and extreme need or desire to defecate. Sensations of despair and hopelessness prevail over all other emotions, dampening out any joy or laughter that may be surrounding the person afflicted, thus resulting in a sad face. Relieved only by the timely use of the latrine. Typically occurs after nicotine is introduced into the body.
Dude, we gotta go home now! I got sad face bad.
by Steve L. June 09, 2006
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