Binary representation for 5
101 = 5 in binary

w00t! i can count to 1023 on my hands w/ binary
by st33ve0 September 14, 2005
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"Ten-One", used most often when an officer is being received poorly on the radio.
Person1: He's running around the rear of the building.

Person2: 10 1, say again.
by Solja May 07, 2006
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used to point out an attractive underaged girl who you'd like to bang, comes from the show Zoey 101 which regurally features many fine-ass underage girls.
Dude check out that group of 101s across the street, man i'd do some time for that
by Scottledeuce October 18, 2007
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1. 1337 For "lol"

2. A Class or introduction to something
1. 101 you fucker

2. Hip-Hop 101 for all you dumb fucks, take this class
by ac February 13, 2004
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