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1,2,3 Yoghurt is a definition of Premature Ejaculation which effects one in 3 men, Altho commonly thought to be highly embarasing 1,2,3 Yoghurt has bought a sense of comedy to the failure to pleasure the woman for the required time.
Dave - "I saw you leave with that girl last night..Talk"

Dan - "Yes mate, she was fit as"

Dave - "You Drain it?"

Dan - "Ofc mate, not 4 long tho, proper 1,2,3 yoghurt "

Dave - "Another notch tho ay?"
by Oh Gav! April 27, 2009

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A quick and easy way of asking a bird if they would like to fornicate/fuck
Due to its abrupt and down right rude nature, the can i? on a ratio is only succesful 1 time for every 100 times asked.
Andy mobile to Nadia mobile - "Can i? "

Nadia mobile to Andy mobile - "NO,dont u know how to treat a lady? are you quara again?"

Andy mobile to Nadia Mobile - "Is that a no?
by Oh Gav! April 26, 2009

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A word used to decribe Females who arnt worthy of anything more than sex, a girl who you wouldnt consider a relationship with, Someone you only would sleep with and no more!
Dave - "I saw you with that Vicki last night? what happend, you looked pretty cozy together?"

Greg - "Yes mate, done her"

Dave - "You gonna make effort with her and start a reationship?"

Greg - "No way pal, Shes just a drainer !"
by Oh Gav! April 27, 2009

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