When your done, but your not done. Your done-ish.
I'm done-ish with you and this relationship!!!
by Autumn604 April 12, 2018
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You suck go fucking eat a cock and grab your noose. roblox is hell jewish peepz gio to heaving
"oml u-ish"
by dicksuckerpseudoyn February 16, 2018
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of extreme idiocy, usually very suggestive and “dirty”

often times accompanied by stupid hand motions and hip moving

causes extreme discomfort amongst sane human beings

flat out illogical
can u guess which is cooper-ish

person 1- “incest is wincest

person 2- “oh lord

person 3- “help, i’m stuck under the chairs”

by daddy-tonton May 2, 2018
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