A deck in the popular mobile game Clash Royale that requires no skill except 2 fingers to place the troops down at the bridge. People who use this deck are usually virgins who have no friends.
Person 1: What deck do you use?
Person 2: Lumberloon
Person 1: What arena are you in?
Person 2: Spooky Town
Person 1: Makes sense.
by hasdj June 10, 2021
Lumberloon Is the definition of a live long vergin. People that only play loon are ok people and mostly do this in times of need and low trophies. These people can be treated and there is hope that they change for their family and close people. But people that play Lumberloon are just unhelpable and are sunken so hard into there play style that there is no help left.
People like this should be just banned or unable to play Lumberloon anymore. This opinion is very controversial but a cold withdrawal is sometimes the easiest way for people to realize there mistakes and change there mind about there behavior.
by Bruno Pepe November 21, 2021
The lumberloon is a deck in clash royale that takes no skill. If you use it do these simple things find a bridge and jump off, because your life has no value. You are an actual dumbass bitch.
by Clash royale definitions June 21, 2021
A skill-less strategy used by 9-year-olds with half a brain cell in the game Clash Royale (by $upercell).

Step 1: Place lumberjack
Step 2: Place balloon
Step 3: Freeze
Step 4: Win
Fucking hell, this lumberloon player can go burn in fucking hell! why is his balloon maxed out?!?!?!
by Meme TD December 15, 2021
A deck in the popular video game Clash Royale, commonly used by people who eat babies
wow you use lumberloon? please oh please get a life!
by robloxsex22 November 2, 2021
A very unskillful deck but can be skillful if there are actually defense cards like a a tower and cycle cards
Person: I use lumberloon
Other person: what a fag
Person: no no, I actually have defense cards
Other person: oh nvm that actually takes skill, unlike pekka bridgespam
by Rjdjjejdnndjs May 25, 2022
It is a no skill deck in clash royale. It takes TWO fingers to destroy someone with it.

and two fingers to get destroyed, too.
There is also a variety, two varieties if I'm correct.

Lumberloon Double Dragon Freeze Golem, which is just simply known as Lumberloon Freeze. It consists of 2 dragons, a freeze, and double dragons.
If I'm correct, there is also a variant with 3 dragons, freeze, barb barrel and tornado too.

MOST lumberloon variations use Barb Barrel instead of Log. Take note of this, as it can help you when in peril, such as a low hp tower in overtime. A fireball/arrows is probably enough to take them out. A tornado to the middle is also enough to kill the barbarian.

The weakness of lumberloon decks is that most of them lack heavy spells. Use this to your advantage.

(btw this thing still hella gay ok i just wanted to point out the weaknesses)

Most people who use this deck are homosexual, or queer.
FemboyThighs: Guys, lumberloon is the best and most skilled deck, and it takes more skill than 2.gay lol (note: 2.6 is actually gay)
Gigachad: yes, 2.6 lacks skill, truly. But, lumberloon takes even less skill.
MASTER WU FROM NINJAGO HOLD ON YOOOO: It's an eye for an eye. It takes two taps to destroy and be destroy.
VentiSimp: no bro, lumberloon is very hard to play and takes skill
ULTRAMAN MAX (HES BACK): no gay here *kicks FemboyThighs and VentiSimp*
by mgkisgood6969 November 22, 2022