A subject that can be added to describe anything that doesn't fyully describe the noun but does, or to express confusion.

Or, attachted to the end of a verb to describe something someone is doing badly.

Or attached to a noun to show one thing is acting like another.
"That thing is kinda...blu-ish...I think"

"I think he's swimming...-ish"

"Steve is being kinda Ken-ish today"
by Sol Surfer December 16, 2007
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suffix. used to describe an approximation, or likeness of the subject. (can be used alone as an adjective)
ten-ish (tenish)- around ten o'clock
verbal-ish (verbalish)- speaking in a manner not commonly understood (non-laymen terms)
by Zeppo VonZapp November 8, 2010
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used after any word to feel smart.
It is old...er...ish.
by Daniel P. February 14, 2004
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a suffix that can be added to any noun, verb or adjective . It is also a less formal version of the ending -esq. It means alike or similar.

Noun: "That fox-ish looking creature is weird"
Verb: "Her behavior was so jump-ish"
Adjective: "The color was kind of pink-ish, not brown-ish"
by Bea February 16, 2005
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Formerly known as a suffix used in words, -ish is now added to many words and verbs in parts of sentences or just used by itself to express something that is contradictory in nature to the preceeding sentence.
"That kid is completely straight" (when the person is very blatantly gay)

"...ish" (used to contradict that sentence and express the idea that he is, in fact, gay)
by JRJ April 1, 2003
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Maybe/maybe not, not really sure, a little bit perhaps. Very vague. Sometimes used as a way of allaying questioning, or if just having a really monosyllabic day.

See also 'ish'
Ali: So, you feeling any better yet?
Me: Eh, ish ish
by Princess B August 26, 2006
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Slang for "the shit." Possibly derived from censored music where the word "shit" was reversed and sounds like "ish." Now, people often self-censor and use the word "ish" in conversations where traditional cursing is frowned upon.
This new song is the ish, son.
That catch in the 4th quarter was the ish.
Your Mom's Sour Diesel wax is the ish, yo!
by RadioFamoso August 29, 2013
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