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When you don’t want someone to know what your about to say or you have some juicy secret or gossip to hide.
China: What did Cardi b say? Spill some tea
by Olivia1818 May 24, 2018
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πŸ™Š is a charismatic, beautiful boy. He smiles a lot and he always argues with someone no matter the reason. He is very weird and quirky but I like him anyways, I find him very interesting and funny. He's smart, he's (mostly) honest, he has a sense of humor and a weird one at that but I like him nonetheless: I feel that people misunderstand him.
He could actually be a reeeeeeeeeeally smart kid if he tried to and stopped being an asshole sometimes, but hey, who am I to try and change him by saying that? In all honesty, I like him exactly the way he is and he made mistakes, yes, but we're only human. Who are we to judge? That's just πŸ™Š.
"That's so πŸ™Š"
"OMG why do you like πŸ™Š"
"πŸ™Š is actually so gay like wtf"
by yeettheskeet June 07, 2019
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