A letter that was cut from the english alphabet. It is still used in Icelandic, Danish, and other Scandinavian languages.

Æ is pronounced like the English word 'eye'.
Glanni Glæpur is the Icelandic name for Robbie Rotten.
by Scottish_Emperor843 January 19, 2019
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what.. what WHAT
by aubsie October 27, 2020
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Æ/æ is a letter found in Icelandic, norwegian, and other scandinavian languages. It originated from Latin and makes different sounds depending on what language is being spoken.

Icelandic and Latin: pronounced like the english word 'eye'

Norwegian: like english 'a' in 'cat'

Anglo Saxon: like english 'a' in 'cat'
Æternum, latin word for eternity
by Seolyk April 8, 2005
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Character used in Latin a lot, and still is used in the archaic spellings of some words today. Most of the time, if you spell a word with æ when it doesn't need to be spelled that way, people think you're an uppity bastard.
egyptian -> ægyptian
fairy -> færie
anemia -> anæmia
hemoglobin -> hæmoglobin
hyena -> hyæna
medieval -> mediæval
pedophile -> pædophile
premium -> præmium
eon -> æon

"A mediæval pædophile ate a præmium ægyptian hyæna færie's hæmoglobin æons ago."
by ShAdOwZ March 25, 2009
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an unexplainable emotion which feels similar to every feeling mixed in one and u cant pinpoint it, can make you feel as though you’re going insane
i’m like- Æ
yea bro me too
by krisæ December 22, 2019
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