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Definition Of NameRefers To The Trend Of Defining A Persons Name.
Most Of The Time This Is Done On Urban Dictionary.
However,The People Defining Said Name Usually Have The Said Name They Are Defining,This Usually Ends Up With A Definition That Makes Said Person Look Like A God Amongst Men.
(Keep In Mind That By Memeinition,Trevor Means A Fuckboy That Is Usually A Sheep.Ok,Now Back ToDefinition Of Name)
Bob:Fuck You,Your A Trevor Anyway.
Trevor:{Typing On Urban Dictionary}Well By Defintion,A Trevor Is A Man With A Big Dick,A Pussy Slayer,And A Cool Guy Who Everyone Loves,And If You Hate Him You Are A Gay White Sis Male.
Bob:Well,Sorry My Lord
Trevor:That's Fine,Now Rub My Feet,And My Dick
Bob:Of Course My Lord
by Urban Thug Of Bacon July 03, 2016
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