To do or perform something so bad to the point that everyone in the room face palms.
Oh damn that guy just pulled a Trevor.
by Itsmeyourmother January 14, 2021
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(Treh-voor) A female Karen. An insecure male individual that creates issues in order leverage their position and gain either social credit or free goods and services.
A Trevor asked for the Manager when his pinâ-colada protein shake was a bit too thin at the gym shake bar. He yelled at the girl working at the counter until she gave him a twenty dollar gift card.
by BroseNown February 16, 2022
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When you get drunk in a airport and miss all available flights
Man, I got Trevored at DFW I won’t make the meeting!
by Millertime69 September 27, 2019
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Trevor’s are downright amazing. Good at everything, they rarely find a game or sport or task that is difficult for them. Supportive, loyal, funny, and kind. They choose their words carefully and are the sweetest and most gentle men. They are extremely good looking but don’t know it. Bright grey-blue eyes, tall, lean, & muscular, they can complete any physical task asked of them. They are fantastic builders and fixers, and take their time to complete projects correctly. He’ll fix your sink, make you laugh while doing it, then kiss you so lovingly it makes your legs weak. Big, strong hands you can melt into. They are loyal and patient boyfriends who turn into rugged, patient, playful husbands and are the best fathers. Don’t ever cross a Trevor- chances are he’ll forgive you, but he’ll never forget what you did. It takes a lot for him to truly open up to you, and he usually only has a couple of close friends. He’s friendly but cautious of new people. Loves babies and dogs, will tolerate cats. A natural protector, lover, caregiver, and friend. Has the best laugh and most genuine smile. Nothing about Trevor is fake. Difficult to get to the core of, but when you get there you’ll never need another man. Overall, the best kind of man is a Trevor.
Man, Trevor’s the best!”
by NineOneNine919 February 25, 2019
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My name is Trevor.
by 4sqd June 24, 2018
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The verb "Trevored" Just got its way into the english dictionary
This April 15th of 2010 "Trevored" has gained a new meaning.

To be "Trevored" is when someone pays you something out of the goodness of they're heart or just to pay you in return of a favor.
Sentence: "Hey can you Trevor me a couple of bucks?"
or "Hey someone payed my loan! i've been Trevored!"
by Kreynon April 15, 2010
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daym the hottest guy ever. Trevor is a hella baddie. He takes your breath away with his cute smile and perfect eyes. Get yourself a Trevor because he will treat you right.

also if your name is Trevor and you're reading this, go and kiss that one girl who has a crush on you. like seriously. kiss her, she has a heart of gold and wants you too notice that.
Trevor has a big heart but a bigger dick
by not a fry May 6, 2018
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