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A symbol standing for the word "at" that in turn symbolizes lazyness and stupidity. I mean, seriously, who sat down and thought up a symbol to shorten a two letter word? WHY? Your time could be better spent counting blades of grass in your front lawn. At least that might teach the retarded bastard to count! If you now anyone that abbreviates the word "at" as "@", cease all conversations with said person, as their retardedness may rub off on you.
Steve:Hey, where were you?
Bob: I was @ the mall.
Steve: ...You're dead to me. (walks away)
Bob: ...Hmm, what was th@ about? I think I'm going to go sleep in my own filth and be lazy and unproductive!

The next day Steve won the lottery and Bob was struck down by God. True story. Go Google that shit.
by Voice of One Thousand Truths January 24, 2007
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on UNIX system, used as a character between the username and the hostname.
Pronounced like 'at'.
say you're logged in at 'burrito' and your username is 'polemon', your (bash-)terminal would show:

polemon@burrito ~$

if root logs on, he would be 'root@burrito'
by polemon October 14, 2005
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a character between user and the computer or network name in an email address.
by steak July 24, 2003
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A symbol meaning at usually placed between the user name and the domain name.
Apparently people became too lazy to type two whole letters so they use @.;)
by HT January 26, 2004
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On Twitter or Instagram, ya chat w/ people using the @ symbol and then their username.

Irl you can use it to obnoxiously direct what you're saying to a specific friend.
Mike: *ignores me like a lil bitch*
by EjMcGruber August 29, 2016
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