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The troll romance symbol meaning "fated friends" from the popular webcomic, Homestuck.

There are four types of troll romance according to Homestuck and this one, moirail, is represented by the House of Diamonds in a deck of cards and typed as <>. Moirails are very close friends that look after each other, usually one troll is strong and partially unstable, so their moirail keeps them under control to prevent them from falling into a murderous rage.

Fans of Homestuck have taken to referring to their best friends as such.
Sidney (while texting): OMG you're the best moirail ever!
Katie (in reply): <>
Sidney: <>
by Kariska January 30, 2012
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Basically what you use in a convo when you really don't want to respond to something or when you just can'tbother.
can mean:
1.I don't know
2.I don't care
4.No comment
by soltsus April 21, 2009
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Means "Does not equal" in some programming languages. Occasionally used in regular internet conversation after the popularity increase in using symbols referring to "equals" instead of using the word "is".
5 <> 3
"five does not equal three"

seven <> two
"seven does not equal two"

Pete <> gay
"Pete does not equal gay"
by AbortRetryFail October 01, 2007
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The Sims gang sign. Coined in the E3 Sims 3 for consoles line and further made popular on the day 3 E3 episode of the Giant bombcast.
Ted showed his support for Sims 3 for consoles by holding the Sims gang sign ( <> ) above his head.
by Thorbjornn June 23, 2010
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the keyboard shortcut for an awkward side-to-side look.

can be used in a tricky situation, when thinking of something to say, or to portray shifty eyes.

est. 2006 by lj.
tripper: oh my god how hot do i look today?
layalle: <> um. yeah.
by lella. August 27, 2010
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Used in chat lingo, to show the "Roc Sign", the diamond-shaped hand sign made popular by Jay-Z and others associated with Roc-A-Fella Records and/or Rocawear.
"Welcome to the <>, It ain't never gonna stop
Rudeboys put your lighters up, rudegirls throw your diamonds up" - Jay-Z, On the Rock

"Hey dude, Jay-Z is awesome <> "

"I'm a <> worshiper"
by billgirl July 01, 2010
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The signature hand gesture of Chatrealm, otherwise known as The Diamond Club
Chattie 1: Hey man, gotta run.<>

Chattie 2: Later dude. <>
by <<<>>><<<>>> September 14, 2011
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