A building in the University of Sheffield. Meant for engineers but is often overtaken by communist humanities students
I tried to get a seat in the diamond but I couldn't due to all the communists
by Sensible STEM Student December 8, 2018
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Sex move involving five guys and one whore. The whore strokes two cocks with her right and left hand, sucks a cock, and gets penetrated in the ass and her vagina by the remaining two cocks. When you draw a line and connect the cocks, it forms a diamond-like shape.
Elvira attempted the diamond the other day; the aftermath was grim.
by SnakeBiter October 26, 2009
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The diamond of chastity is a phrase used to teach the youngsters of todays world the importance of a chaste relationship. A female diamond is the area (in the shape of a diamond) from her neck to her knees. A male diamond is in the area (once again in a shape of a diamond) from his belly button to his knees. As the saying goes, "Do not touch the diamond unless you are wearing a diamond," referring to, of course, being married.

The common hand motion of making a diamond in the air is highly understood as the international symbol for staying chaste.
Two girls riding home with one of the girls dad after a volleyball game:

Tatum: "Oh my god! Lisa is that girl that went to third base!"
Melody: "Lisa isn't as slutty as that girl Jen, she went all the way home!"

Dad: "Tatum do you remember what the shape of a baseball field is like?"
Tatum: *sigh* "Yes dad, the diamond."
Dad: "Thats right!"
by tatum&melody February 22, 2007
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The rarest, most sought after material in Minecraft. It is sought after by players to make their armor and tools out of. Diamond can also be used to make a beacon
by Dopl December 22, 2019
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An awesome, smart, random, crazy, sexy fun loving girl. She can make you laugh all the time and can pull off any outfit any day. She's the sweetest and nicest person you'll ever meet but don't piss her off or you'll end up in the Nevada Desert
Did you see Diamond's outfit today? She's sophisticated today but yesterday she went scene

How bad did diamond beat that girl up? Let's just say she won't be talking anymore

I love Diamond she gave me her last dollar!
by PoeticWords April 15, 2013
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Is a very independent person. Doesn't care about what other people say. The best person to be around because she can make you laugh and smile. Diamond is very goofy.
That girl is so Diamond!!
by bluebow360 April 6, 2017
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strong woman, who fears nothing or noone. Can get anything or anybody she wants. With a name like this, she has to stay on her P&Q's. She is the baddest thing walking, and dressing in the latest fashion is a must. She is sassy, sexy, classy, and has a bit of an attitude, but she is a humble woman also. No other can top her, she is the real deal. She has a banging body, with a good head on her shoulders. This woman is going places. If you're looking for a real chick down to ride, you found her. Ms. Diamond is her name!!!!!!!
I didn't like the def. for my name, so i made my own. Yes, Diamond is my real name.
by DiamondNikole February 12, 2010
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