This is the symbol used when ≠ is not available. Although it is sometimes used on it's own to say: idk, w/e, or no comment.

1. Used like a full stop at the end of a sentence (or at the punchline in the case of multiple sentences) to show that the writer is being sarcastic / ironic.

2. In mathematics and programming this means "Not equal to".


I've totally done this before <>

Now we'll never encounter Poe's Law again <>

I really like your reasoning <>

Of course you can have a spaceship for Christmas <>

Please, keep talking. I always yawn when I am interested <>

I have total faith in the president to make this country great again <>

He always finds himself lost in thought; it’s unfamiliar territory <>

I work 40 hours a week to be this poor <>

You're a really interesting person <>
by Vertex Draco January 03, 2017
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It is a symbol used in online chat to define a pussy without needing to say anything. The symbol looks like a vagina, the swear version to define a vagina = pussy.
Use in sentence: DildoFaggins69: "Dude, I payed a hooker yesterday"

Dickfingers420: "Was she good?"

DildoFaggins69: "No, she was a complete <->"
by That random dude on tha PC October 18, 2016
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