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Commonly known as the "Big Lipped Bastard", the ":()" face is perhaps the most daring symbol ever conceived.
Its power is universal and is used to blatantly disregard the feelings of others or show complete and utter apathy.
This face can be used as a demonic form of punctuation to properly end a sentence.
Intellectual: "Dude, have you seen Pickle Rick? It's so funny!"
Bully: "Pickle Rick is shit."
Intellectual: "Did you seriously just insult Pickle Rick?!"
Bully: "Fuck Pickle Rick and fuck you :()"
by godhatesme October 09, 2017
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Secret emotion for being horny!!!! (which isn't secret anymore)
Me: Sup boo
Friend: Well, : ()

Me: *blushes*
by Anonymousbro October 30, 2012
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:() is the most daring emoticon ever conceived. The :() is known simply as the Wade Face, and its power is universal. :() is the closest textual representation of the face made by Dywane Wade , and is used primarily as an excuse for actions that blatantly disregard the feelings of others.
Dylan: "Hurry the fuck up and get outside or we are leaving you"
(Time passes)
John: "Did you seriously leave without me?"
Dylan: " :() "
by skele d July 03, 2010
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:O with mouth so wide open it does not fit in the font height.
Expresses an excess of shock or awe, possibly a dislocated jaw.
13371: All your base are belong to us!
n00b: oh noes! :( )

troll: check this out! 2 girls 1 cup
n00b: :( )
by acdenh March 26, 2011
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Ano expression of immense sorrow and pain.
Person 1#: I'm sorry, your grandmother has passed away.

Person #2: :()
by PurpleLizard23 January 30, 2018
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