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a complete stuck up asshole. Describing someone who acts like they have something stuck up there ass, mainly because they give the impression that other people are an annoyance to them, and also because of the constant look of constipation in there face as if a foreign object was stuck up there ass.
“what an ignorant fuck pickle” or “that fucking fuck pickle just gave me the fucking finger!”

even "hay you fuck pickle fuck off!"
by lude savage June 27, 2009
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In simple terms; saturday detention for theatre people.
An extra session in which actors preparing for a show gather with the objective of properly learning their lines.
Friend: can you hang out on Saturday?

Actor Friend: Can't i have a fuck pickles i need to go to for my amazing show Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead
by giules_95 October 26, 2013
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The pickle used in a prank on someone where they are completely smashed, you drop their pants and jam a pickle up their ass.

See "Pickle Fucker" for better definition
"I so can't believe Tom actually ate that fuck pickle..."

See "Pickle Fucker"
by An to the drew June 11, 2008
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