ano made me smile today, I hope they will be my ano forever
by Hot rat December 14, 2020
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Ano derives from the word anonymous. The term originated in the late 90's from the suburbs of Oslo and is now a widely used term in urban Oslo.
To be ano, is the same as being cool, anonymous or safe.
It can also be used with negative prefix u-. (uano = unsafe).

On a scale from -uano to -ano(=-negative to- positive), ano can be used to describe how the general mood is within a natural setting or the current value and appearance of any given physical object.
Example 1:

If you take a piss right in front of the cops, it's very uano and you'll probably get busted. But if you go in to the woods for a piss, where the cops can't see you, that's very ano.

Example 2:

To guys spot a girl:

Friend 1: "Look at the ano ass on that bitch. tight as hell".

Friend 2: "Yeah! For sure, her ass is tight and ano. But she has an uano big nose. The most uano nose I've ever seen in my life. Fuck that uano looking bitch!
by Anders HP Williamsen February 28, 2014
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Ano in Japanese was the word to make it look likes you are holding the word or thinking. Like putting the "..." after sentences.
In common use, it could refer to that (far away from speaker and listener.)
Use of Ano:
Example 1: Ano, sumimasen.
Translation: Excuse me...

Example 2: Ano...
Translation: Umm...
by Karnsogood July 24, 2018
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Most probably an abbreviation for the phrase 'I know' used by Harvz and most english lads
Still not confirmed.
"Ano i'm messing honest"

"Ano they do"
by seaswinger December 17, 2013
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The most amazing friend/partner you’ll ever have
: I am friends with Ano
: Bro u so lucky
by Shniri1 November 21, 2021
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the spanish word for anus.
spanish, "yo tengo quince anos."
english translation, "i have fifteen anuses."
by pooopypants August 23, 2006
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