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The basic spider face emoticon used in texting.
Other variations:
(0w<) winking
(TwT) for reals
(^w^;) fake smile
(6w9) coo-coo eyed
(OwO) holy crap
(xwx) dead
Experiment with it. It's pretty funny sometimes
I didn't know how to respond so I sent a (0w0) emoticon and he went nuts.
by Alphysans December 05, 2016
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A face used to represent wide-eyed while trying to be cute. Another version of the "cat face" in most anime, but with wide eyes for emphasis.

Could also be owo.
Person 1: Did you hear about what happened in the show yesterday?

Person 2: 0w0 No, what was it?

Person 1: Samantha kissed Shiloh! So cute right?

Person 2: Yes, yes yes!!
by curiositykilledthemailbox October 15, 2009
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a face gamers use when something surprising happens. It is comprised of either two O's and one w or two 0's and one w.
Over mic: That was a sick play!!!!!!!!!!!
Enemy Player: 0w0
via giphy
by Enri111 May 25, 2018
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