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Shortened version of "respect." Can be used to say something is cool, or as a general agreement.
"I just shagged your mum."
"'Spect, dude. Well done, she's well frigid."

"Are you coming to the pub?"
"'Spect to that" (Yes I am)
by Ross October 14, 2003
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Short for "respect(s)"
To show respect or to thank someone.
Person 1: "Yo, you cool if I grab one of your beers?"
Person 2: "Yeah."
Person 1: "Spects."
by ritaritaa October 24, 2009
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Originally from the Ali G Show. Invented by ZiLLa. This word means respect.
Man, you don't get no spect.
by fuji March 26, 2005
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A slang term for a Prospect, usually an underage girl that has potential to be hot when she is of age.
"Dude that girl is so hott, too bad she's a spect, I can't touch that for three more years..."

"So what are you spects doing tonight?"
by Stoob8 December 09, 2007
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