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To greet someone with high enthusiasm and joy. Usally said with a wide grin on face. Pronounced the same as 'Hiya' but without the H.
*Best friend is sighted in town unexpectedly*

' 'iya! Fancy seeing you here, fancy a cup?'
by LauraMcFarlane January 03, 2009
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I.Y.A. is an abbreviation for "In Your Arms".
This may refer to a simple hug or where you'll find yourself after a night with a person.
by Mamoru75 March 17, 2011
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A sweet and funny girl that's always there for you, sometimes small and has great fashion sense. You want her to be your friend
Person 1 : You see that girl over there
Person 2 : oh yeah, she's so sweet her name must be Iya
by Iknowaperson January 29, 2018
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An abbreviation for 'In Your Ass' when someone is looking for something
Man: Yo dude do you know where is my keys?
Man's Friend: Yes dawg they are iya

can also merged with other accronyms. for example:

iyaotl (In Your Ass On The Left)
by Drumy August 09, 2008
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