A response to the Army's motto of "This We'll Defend", used commonly by Drill Sergeants at the graduation ceremony for Basic Trainees. It signifies the Army's willingness to fight in the interests of the US until their death.
by Topranse January 15, 2021
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an old school marketing campain from the earthbound series,that challenges you and i to not cry
until the game´s ending
Ness,Paula,Jeff and Poo will save us all
come with us if you can

dont cry til the end
by JohnnyB.Emo August 3, 2021
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A phrase that has been used in MOTHER´s japanese marketing campaingn in 1989. It´s now the kid friendly version of
no bithing until we get home.
Variations include: MOTHER- dont cry til the end
MOTHER 2- there´s no crying in baseball
MOTHER 3- you just won´t stop crying
by JohnnyB.Emo September 6, 2021
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